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Looking for help with your home? I'm Sara and I want to show you how to reclaim your space! I offer friendly in-home professional organizing services for women in Winnipeg.

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Where to start

One of the most common reasons for staying unorganized is that people don’t know where to start. Looking at the “whole” is overwhelming. Let me help you break it down into small parts. As we work together, you will start to see the results and feel immediate relief. Don’t shut the door and hope to “get to it someday” when you have the time. Pick up the phone and let’s talk!

Moving or Downsizing?

The process of moving, whether it’s to a smaller or large home, can be overwhelming and exhausting. Where do you begin? Call a professional organizer. Together, we can create a plan to help you move with less stress.

For those leaving your family home, I understand that your personal items are not just “stuff”. They hold meaning, sentimental value and cannot just be discarded. With a BA in Psychology, I can offer more than just a practical solution. I will help you walk through this difficult process with empathy and without judgement.

Save time and money by being organized

Did you know that when you are organized, you can typically find what you’re looking for in under 2 minutes? Do you spend countless minutes a day looking for important papers, keys, receipts, etc until you are late and it affects your whole day?

Together, we can create a tailored system that works for you and your life. Seeing what you own will also save you money, keeping you from re-buying items that you already have. Don’t believe the lie that you are “just an unorganized person” who will never get it together. You just need to find the right system – and the right professional organizer to help you get there!

Freedom and Relief

My main concern is that during the process of de-cluttering, you begin to see that there is hope for you. The results will speak for themselves and it will motivate you to keep going, whether together or on your own. Seeing your space clear of clutter will make space in your mind. The relief and freedom that comes from being organized is priceless.  

Do you want to find freedom from your stuff? Call me today and get organized!

“I was overwhelmed...until Sara came in to help. She was non-judgmental about my clutter and was genuinely excited to take on this project I dreaded. My anxiety decreased, I knew what I had to cook with and I found myself just staring at my neatly organized pantry for fun. Thanks for your help!”
Heather P - La Salle
“Sara transformed my pantry and brought some order into my life. She was very professional and non-judgemental. She was so positive and calm. I would highly recommend Three Pines Organizing!”
Amy B - Winnipeg
``It was a pleasure having Sara in my home. She helped me implement ideas in a way that wasn't overwhelming. She helped me solve major problems in our family's home by helping us create a command centre, which has been a life saver!``
Jill Z - Winnipeg
``My husband and I are moving and were overwhelmed. Sara helped us create a plan and with her help, the move now feels less daunting and I feel ready to tackle packing up!``
Taleisha D - Winnipeg
``Thank you so much to Sara who facilitated such an inspiring workshop for our clients - providing lots of practical information, ideas and resources on the topic of decluttering. It was truly motivational! We would love to have her back anytime! Thank you again for your support, expertise and generosity!``
Fort Garry Women's Center - Winnipeg
``Exactly the service we needed. Sara is friendly, skilled, and totally judgement free, which I think is so essential in this business!! Very happy that her business exists in Winnipeg!!``
Carmen - Winnipeg
``Sara was amazing in the revamp of my combo laundry/mud room. I was lost in the clutter and chaos of the small space and with two little kids I craved a little organization. The whole process was easy and fun! She came with great ideas and all the supplies we’d need. Girl can use power tools! I truly appreciate the help and creative eye in making a formally boring space into a beautiful room.``
Kelly - LaSalle

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